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There is nothing you can do about the date or time of your birth. But you do have control on your name, which could affect your personality.
Here is a simple system that divides the alphabet into its numeric form. Given below are the numbers corresponding to the 26 letters of the alphabet.
1.AIJQY/ 2. BKR/ 3. CGLS/ 4. DMT/ 5. EHNX/ 6. UVW/ 7. OZ/ 8. FP
You will notice that the number 9 is not used. The Greeks used the number 9 but we are adopting cheiro’s system.
Illustrative example
2+1+3+3 3+3+1+5+4+7+5
=>9+28=37 =>3+7=10 => 1+0 = 1.
Thus, this individual is influenced by the qualities of number 1 Here, 37 is the compound number, and the reduced number 1, is the primary number. This can be interpreted as follows: Perfection in life, extremely lucky and powerful, materialistic success, devoted to beauty, highly active sex life, family support even in the most crucial hours.
NUMBER 1: Independent person, a leader, aggressive, active sex life, desperate to achieve, egoistic, a spendthrift, stubborn, very successful.
NUMBER 2: sensitive, inquisitive, disciplined, committed, generous and kind, simple –living, high thinking, unstable, ambiguous, introverted, not outspoken, moderately successful.
NUMBER 3: Quest for knowledge, witty and expressive, popular, sweet dispositioned, will make steady progress, take on more work than can be handled. Success after much struggle.
NUMBER 4: Social, continuously active, lonely, lonely, moody, many, ups and downs, introspective, a show-off, secretive. Either highly successful or a complete failure.
NUMBER 5: Sharp intellect, logical, a good friend, business acumen, flexible, courageous, adjusting, foresighted, over active; controversial, cannot keep secrets, speculative. Over confidence wilolo be the main cause of failure.
NUMBER 6: Self-pride, charming, popular, likes to lead life to the fullest, determined, optimistic, a clever planner, thrusts opinions on others, inconsiderate, likes to live lavishly. Highly successful.
NUMBER 7: Love change, adventurous, a fertile imagination, very practical, a sharp intellect, generous, over-ambitious, unconventional, leaves tasks unfinished, impulsive, indifferent to close ones. Successful after a hard struggle.
NUMBER 8: Inclined to be quite unconventional, proud, laborious, competitive, ambitious, deep-thinking, not a show-off, not very social, will have frequent changes in life, will be the victim of her own decisions, success comes late.
NUMBER 9: Extremely courageous, strong will power, aggressive, love of freedom, out-shines rivals, prone to accidents, creates rivals due to an interfering nature. Moderately successful.


Continuing the impact of numerology and your name, the values of the alphabet are as follows: AIJQY-1/ BKR-2/ CGLS-3/ DMT-4/ EHNX-5/ UVW-6/ OZ-7/ FP-8.
Let us discuss compound numbers 41 to 50.
COMPOUND NO. 41: This number assures 100% success. The individual has a helping nature, intelligent and will enjoy fame.
COMPOUND NO. 42: It indicates slow but steady progress. Talent and creativity blooms. Success comes but a little late.
COMPOUND NO. 43: This is not a prosperous number. Continuous struggle gives rise to frustration and inner conflicts.
COMPOUND NO. 44: This shows a dependent personality who’s liable to be cheated. He/she generally dose not do the right things at the right time.
COMPOUND NO. 45: You are very fortunate. Life is ever progressive and prosperous. You never face too many hurdles and people appreciate your principles.
COMPOUND NO. 46: A fortunate number, you show continuous progress, strong will power, intelligence and a never-give-up attitude. You inspire others.
COMPOUND NO. 47: This number reflects instability. Life is full of struggles and hard times. You impress others by your work.
COMPOUND NO. 48: This is a very lucky number. It indicates brilliance and diplomacy.
COMPOUND NO. 49: Problems and hurdles are faced by the individual who’s rarely rewarded.
COMPOUND NO. 50: It assures success, and signifies creativity, activity, determination, and safe planning.


Now let’s look at 31 to 40:
COMPOUND NO. 31: Shows an intelligent, efficient and clever personality, thirsting for knowledge. Reserved and averse to noisy or overly gregarious behaviour, this number is not very successful in relationships.
COMPOUND NO. 32: This number makes the individual socially unpopular and very opinionated. Qualities include daydreaming, dislike of other’s suggestions.
COMPOUND NO. 33: This number is highly successful, and full of discipline and determination. Qualities include single-minded-ness, hard work and the ability to overcome any obstacle.
COMPOUND NO. 34: This indicates a life full of hurdles and hindrances. The person is willing to do any kind of work without feeling inferior.
COMPOUND NO. 35: This number shows dependency. Individuals with this number waste time on unnecessary jobs, and then repent. They like to get result without too much effort.
COMPOUND NO. 36: This number represents a very disciplined and determined nature. The individual can cast aside material gains for self-pride.
COMPOUND NO. 37: This number is highly fortunate. Life is full of comforts, luxuries, committed to friendship and affairs. The individual always gets help from people.
COMPOUND NO. 38: Success doesn’t come easily. Individuals are unstable and temperamental.
COMPOUND NO. 39: You are self-driven, laborious, patient and active. You won’t rest until you reach the goals you’ve set.
COMPOUND NO. 40: This number depicts selfishness and a self-centered nature. Unaware of their own qualities and talents, individuals struggle for success.